Dubai ยป Magic Camps Desert Tents

Magic Camps Desert Tents

Magic Camps is an accommodation provider inside the Dubai desert; therefore, it is not technically inside Dubai. This facility is 30 miles (50 km) from Dubai’s city center and is one of the luxurious top hotels in Dubai. Magic Camps is suitable for those who want to spend the night in the serene environment of the desert under the stars and enjoy all other desert daytime activities provided.

One of the central themes in this camp is being eco-friendly and sustainable. These concepts are so valuable for the owners that you see mentions of eco-friendliness in almost every promotional material. For instance, in an attempt to be eco-friendly, they only use solar energy to provide electricity. They do their best to have zero impact on the environment and surrounding wildlife.
A vital point that makes Magic Camps one of the best hotels in Dubai is its privacy and calmness. Although being away from the city center and diving into the heart of the desert is enough for that matter, they make sure that when designing the camps, there are only four tents allowed per camp with enough space that you almost feel like you are the only one in the desert! The nights, stars, and silence are the pillars that can bring you into an ultimate calmness you have never felt before.

The moment you step into this facility, you realize that this place is like no other. This ultra-luxury hotel with really costly rooms provides a unique experience of staying in the desert.

Instead of rooms, there are beautifully designed tents under the infinite sky and calmness of the desert, away from the city noises. Don’t worry; all the tents at Magic Camps are luxury tents. These tents have private bathrooms and luxury beds, and some have isolated seating and dining areas. Magic Camps provides the best eco-friendly camps while preserving their Bedouin caravan traditions.

Magic Camps can provide you with opportunities to hold luxurious events. These events can be both private or corporate, with special offers. Imagine your next corporate (or personal) event under the starlit skies and shifting sands, with luxurious stays for your guests. Besides delicious foods and drinks or arranging a meeting in a traditional setting in the desert, you can use their entertainment packages to impress your guest to their fullest.

You can use an animation service like fire shows, local bands, and numerous team-building activities to bond with your colleagues. Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Family or Friends Gathering, and Butler Parties are other personally recommended events you can arrange on the Magic Camps.

As a final note, pack enough sunlight products (like sunglasses or sunblock) to prevent any unpleasant effects the sun might have on you in the daytime. Also, we recommend bringing a light jacket with you in case you get chills during desert nights. The price of a basic luxury tent in the Magic Camps starts from US$2000 per night (for two adults). You can choose Luxury Tent with a private setup for at least US$2700 per night.

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