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Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach is a renowned beach in Dubai in which many hotels exist. But nothing sounds more luxurious and authentic than a hotel titled “Jumeirah Beach Hotel.” This hotel has a noticeable building on Jumeirah Beach Road with a private beach. This hotel identifies itself as “everything a family needs,” but couples in particular like this property too.

All rooms have an elegant design with exquisite views in which ocean view is guaranteed. All rooms have floor-to-ceiling full-length windows overlooking the ocean, which makes it one of the top hotels with a stunning landscape and appropriate for many romantic couples and families alike.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel has put much effort into making this hotel family-friendly. Many activities are related to families with young children who can enjoy every moment of their time on-site. One of these activities is using Wild Wadi Waterpark. This waterpark is certified and iconic in Dubai, with many awards and strict policies about the safety of its users. Entry ticket for this waterpark is unlimitedly free for all guests.

The waterpark is one of many entertainment facilities in this hotel. Kids Club and kids pool are other features that will make your stay for children as fun as possible. This club promises unlimited fun with various activities like balloon bending, arts and crafts, kite building, Lego, jungle gym, trampolining, board games, virtual dance, and gaming. All services are provided under supervision, and there are babysitting services on-site.

A special service unique to this hotel is providing a football escape plan for you and your family. You can use their most-sought children’s football camp, Football Escapes by Premier League, and engage in a course with one-on-one coaching. Your kids can even get a medal and a certificate upon course completion.

Finally, there are many options to choose from when it comes to dining options. You can get an Argentinean and Italian menu besides many international cuisines. Many of the restaurants have a special menu just for the kids. Other options include having refreshments on the rooftop lounge or enjoying the Happy Hour at Uptown Bar, where you get a full view over the city skyline.

The starting price for a single-night stay for two couples is US$660. Their pricy options include the Beit Al Bahr Two-Bedroom Royal Villa with Club benefits for US$2000 per night.

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