Dubai » Burj al Arab, luxury 7star hotel!

Burj al Arab, luxury 7star hotel!

The most iconic hotel in Dubai has to be Burj al Arab. Burj Al Arab is a global icon for the most luxurious hotel in Dubai or even in the World! Which is considered a “landmark of architectural innovation.” Burj al Arab is another luxury hotel in Dubai with a private beach. However, this doesn’t even begin to describe the features of this hotel.

Total Number of rooms/suites: 202| Built-in: 1999 | Swimming Pools: 1 Outdoor, 1 Infinity | Private Beach: YES | Kids Club: YES | Pets: NO | Near places: Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project, Suqeim Park, Al Barsha Pond Park | Distance to Metro: 557m | Number of Restaurants: 10 | Price: $2100/night to $11600/night (for a double room)| Hotel Phone Number: +97143017777 | Hotel email address:

Burj al Arab is also the world’s tallest hotel. Many of the luxurious rooms have a beach view overlooking the sea. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a panoramic view of the gulf in the design ensure this view is not frittering away. Burj al Arab is one of the world’s 7-star hotels, although officially, there isn’t any standard for a 7-star hotel (the maximum is five).

Burj al Arab is 320 meters in height!

The general outline of this hotel is a dhow-shaped 320-meter-high building on an artificial island. This island is 280m from the Jumeirah beach but has a private curving bridge connecting it to the shores of Jumeirah beach. The only accommodation type in this hotel is suites. A private beach, 201 luxury ocean-view rooms, a fascinating terrace, infinity pools, and cabanas are the main features and amenities of Burj al-Arab. Admittedly, every single one of these can be a travel destination for itself.

For example, the terrace design is perfect for enjoying the sun or the luxury cabanas (32 of them) that provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all guests to feel like they are living in a beach house. These cabanas are just a perfect choice for having the ultimate calmness under the starlit nights of Dubai.

Burj al Arab Hotel terrace

A point worth mentioning here is that when we say private beach, we mean it! There are many other hotels in Dubai with the option of having a private beach. However, when accessing Burj al Arab, the long bridge connecting the artificial island to the mainland ensures that nobody can access this beach without passing this hotel’s main entrance at the beginning of the bridge.

Transferring services via Rolls-Royce or a dedicated helicopter!

The most luxurious and unique service in Burj al Arab is a fleet of chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce or dedicated helicopter transferring services that deliver guests to the hotel. This level of luxury is something you will never see in another hotel. Another noteworthy option in this hotel is the Sky View Bar, 200 meters above the ground, which offers an exquisite view over the city where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea. All hotel guests can access the private beach of Jumeirah.

Burj al Arab Rolls-Royce transferring services

The starting price for one night for two adults (including all taxes and charges) is US$2500/night. The diplomatic Three Bedroom Suite (Duplex Suite) is one of their hottest and most expensive rooms for US$15000 per night. There is a rumor that royal penthouses in this hotel cost 30 to 50 thousand dollars a night!

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