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Al Maha Desert Resort

Dubai is one of the destinations that makes many people think of a stay at a luxurious hotel. Al Maha is one of the sites of luxury in the heart of the desert that provides you with both tradition and technology simultaneously. 

Number of Rooms/Villas: 42 | Built-in: 1999, renovated in 2012 | Swimming Pools: 1 | Kids Club: No, Only children +10 years old allowed | Pets: NO | Number of Restaurants: 1 | Distance from Dubai: 45min driving | Price $1,400/night to $2,000/night (for a double room) | Hotel Phone Number: +97148329900 | Hotel email address:

The decision to build Al Mahal, Dubai, was taken when the Dubai government planned to take some steps toward saving the desert ecosystem. The first steps towards implementing this decision were born in 2002, the date of the hotel’s establishment. Finally, in 2006, the hotel was opened and soon became one of the main tourist attractions that could attract the elite worldwide.

The hotel owes its great fame partly to its incredible architecture. Al Maha, Dubai, also benefits from the founders’ measures towards nature and ecosystem sustainability, for which they have been appreciated and awarded many times.

  • Accommodations

As a luxurious accommodation, Al Maha provides the guests with the beauty of Arabian tradition and the technology of modern life simultaneously. As a luxurious resort in the heart of the desert, Al Maha is ornated with both the natural landscape and the luxury of a unique tourist spot.

As a five-star accommodation, Al Maha has luxurious facilities that make all apartments perfect for a memorable stay. Among the features seen in almost all suites, one can point to the temperature-controlled pools or the uninterrupted view of the landscape.

The hotel provides the guests with 42 suites of different types, all perfect amenities with exclusive facilities. The hotel accommodations are as follows:

— Bedouin Suite —

Key features: Area 75m² (800 sqft), Private Pool With Desert View, Terrace and Private Bathroom

By staying at Bedouin Suite, Guests feel like they are in an Arabian country with a rich cultural heritage.

Bedouin suites are built in the same style as a tent and are furnished with hand-woven carpets. There are also flowing drapes that, together with the rest of the items, make the design look pretty Asian. 

—————– Royal Suite —————–

It might not be a wrong claim to believe that staying at the Royal Suites is staying in the arms of luxury. With an area of 530 square meters, the Royal Suite is large enough to provide the guests with a royal stay. The Royal Suit at the Al Maha benefits from the same tent-like architecture and is designed like a Bedouin tent.

Not only the design but also the interior design of this luxurious suite gives the guest a unique sense of staying at a palace. There are exclusive amenities that meet all sorts of needs throughout the stay. The 21-hour room service, high-speed Wi-Fi, mini bar, and a library with an appropriate portion of books make these suites outstanding.

—————– Emirates Suite —————–

Emirates Suites are less luxurious than the Royal Suite. They are built in 375 square meters in the same tent-like style as other suites in Al-Maha Dubai. These Suites are also equipped with hand-woven carpets and flowing white drapes that make the idea of this Arabian traditional setting fixed in the frame of technology.

  • Dining and Cuisine:

Eating delicious dishes is among the undeniable pleasures of every travel; however, when it comes to the joy of eating in Al Maha in Dubai, the satisfaction is twice more. Staying at Al Maha, Dubai, the guests can eat food at the restaurant and enjoy the variety of dishes served privately and in the suite.

The iconic hotel also has a restaurant called Al Diwan and a terrace bar called Hajar. Both places are so fantastic that they attract visitors for a snack or full meal.

—————– Al Diwaan —————–

Al Diwaan’s facilities serve the guests well by providing them with two dining locations: under their roof or in the open air. The restaurant goes even further in providing the guests with unique services by offering in-room services.

The restaurant also provides the guests with menus taking advantage of a wide variety of choices: from local Arabic foods to International ones, from grilled food to seafood.

—————– Hajar Terrace Bar —————–

Hajar Terrace Bar is a different choice compared to AL Diwaan. When talking about Al Diwan, one becomes attracted to the luxury that the restaurant offers; in Hajar Terrace bar, on the other hand, you can have small bites or snacks. What makes Hajar Terrace Bar a particular choice is that the bar is a master of beverages, providing visitors with different types of wine, cocktails, etc.

Another top feature of the bar is that it serves beverages on the terrace, as the name says, giving the guests a marvelous chance to drink in the open air and enjoy the landscape of the desert.

  • Spa and Wellness in Al Maha

Regardless of where the travel destination is, spa and well-being are among the most pleasurable leisure activities one can do during a journey. Al Maha, Dubai, has a star here, too, and does its best to provide the guests with a great experience of spa services. Though staying at Al Maha is an undeniably relaxing experience, the spa service, with four layered packages containing different types of massage, body treatment, facials, and beauty therapies, aims to make the occasion remembered.

  • Activities and Experiences

Here’s where every visitor would realize that staying at the Al Maha, Dubai, is not just having simple accommodation. The leisure activities the hotel provides the guests with are as follows:

—————– Camel Treks —————–

As one of the most different activities in nature, Al Maha allows you to ride on camels that are well-cared for and are also trained to give the tourists (riders) safe rides. This leisure activity can be done only in the desert’s heart, and guides also observe and control guests’ safety. Al Maha cares for the comfort of the visitors, so they are also given the chance to change this opportunity with leisure activities such as a picnic lunch or a visit to the falconry display.

—————– Falconry Displays —————–

Falconry is among the traditional Arab sports. As a result, Al Maha, Dubai, has included this leisure activity to present a conventional sport done by professional falconers in the desert.

—- Archery Lessons —-

Another traditional sport that the Arabs have practiced for years is archery. At Al Maha, several skillful instructors teach this skill to visitors of different ages.

—- Desert Safaris —-

Desert Safaris are engaging desert experiences that include a wide range of activities, from getting to know the rich cultural heritage of the UAE to experiencing the local food and crowning the whole, becoming familiar with the wildlife of the UAE. Trained tour guides accompany visitors in this adventure, and the passengers can move through the desert in 4X4 cars or on horseback.

  • Staff and Services

As a successful hotel, Al Maha owes part of its success to the friendly staff who do their best to make the stay a memorable experience. 

  • Special Events and Celebrations

A luxurious space like Al Maha can best suit special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Big parties with many guests become more scintillating when held in such a wonderful place.

—- Wedding —-

There are experienced wedding planners who design menus and arrange floral decorations for wedding receptions.

—- Birthday Party —-

Like weddings, professional teams at Al Maha, Dubai, have special menus and design different indoor or outdoor parties.

  • Conclusion

As a well-known resort in the heart of the desert, Al Maha, Dubai, is a title that has attracted many visitors in recent years. Luxurious surroundings, a relaxing atmosphere, excellent well-being services, and being near an iconic restaurant and a top bar make it a destination many visitors seek. Al Maha respects every moment of the guests’ stay and provides them with unrivaled leisure activities.

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