Dubai ยป Address Sky View hotel

Address Sky View hotel

address sky view

Address Sky view offers a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. One of the unique features of this hotel, which is evident from the first impression you make, is that it has two stunning towers connected at the top! Both buildings are the same, with a connecting bridge called Sky Bridge at their top.

Due to its location, this bridge is one of the unique and famous places people want to visit in downtown Dubai. It is as if you are walking in the sky.

Asman Bridge is part of the larger concept of this hotel: “Sky.” Address Sky View revolves around a great view of the Dubai skyline. This concept makes this hotel an attractive (and topical) choice.

You can find this hotel among many iconic stays in Dubai for two reasons: first, the ultimate view of the Dubai skyline, and second, the towers and sky bridge that define the skyline.

There are two options for staying in this magnificent hotel: apartments, rooms, and suites.

Apartments are suitable for those who want an extended stay and need a complete residential complex. 1 to 6-bedroom options up to 640 square meters are available. Another option for staying at Address Sky View is the rooms and suites, which are smaller than the residential options.

This hotel’s suites, rooms, and residents are designed with comfort and elegance. The hotel staff and management ensure that guests feel maximum comfort while viewing the entire city from a beautiful panoramic view.

  • The address of the sky view infinity pool:

address sky view infinity pool

Another noteworthy feature of this hotel is the infinity pool. Imagine watching the magnificent life and joy of the Dubai skyline while you bathe and relax in an infinity pool.

This property is a favorite choice for couples who want to have a romantic night in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. There are other types of pools: view pools, rooftop pools, outdoor pools, and poolside bars, making Address Sky View one of the best hotels for pool lovers.

address sky romantic

  • Address Sky View for events; parties or Weddings!

Address Sky View Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for events. These astonishing towers have many options when it comes to holding events. They divide their events into general categories: Corporate (business) and Lifestyle (typically weddings).

Majlis, which is a Middle Eastern space for a small number of guests, Wedding venues with generous outdoor and indoor areas, The Ballroom for wedding parties with amazing views of Downtown Dubai, and finally, The Pool Deck, which is a pool-themed space for parties with a view of Burj Khalifa, are exceptional venues for your wedding (and other) parties. Two meeting rooms and a Boardroom are formal spaces for business meetings with advanced audio-visual equipment on site.

  • Address Sky View Details:

Year Built: 2019
Last Renovated:
Total Villas: 160 Rooms and 550 fully-furnished apartments
Pets: No
Distance to Dubai City Center: 25 min driving
Phone number: +97148738888
Price: From $500/night Per Room
Kids Club: Yes
Number of Restaurants On-site: 1

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